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Dan Porter
Creative Director

Dan brings nearly 15 years of graphic facilitation experience to the team. His creaking knees are a testament to hundreds of hours he has spent at the scribing coalface, which have made him an astute and confident interpreter of content whoever the client may be. 
He is a natural storyteller and those skills are as evident in his graphic facilitation work as they are in the pub afterwards. He has the knack of putting himself in the client’s shoes, and translates that empathy into warm, human visuals that everyone can relate to.
Given that strong sense of narrative, it’s perhaps no surprise Dan’s a keen writer too. He works hard to spread the visual thinking gospel far and wide through his writing and speaking engagements. He’s also busy developing new applications for Scriberia’s unique way of thinking and working, such as the Academy. 
Prior to co-founding Scriberia, he worked in the museums and galleries world. In fact, he won a BAFTA for work he did for Tate Modern, but he doesn’t like to talk about it – oops!


Chris Wilson
Creative Director

Chris co-founded Scriberia with Dan in 2010. He is a drawing dynamo with passion pouring from his felt tip pens and has been plying his trade as an exceptionally versatile illustrator and graphic facilitator for over 14 years.
His uncanny ability to tailor his approach to deliver engaging visuals, whatever a client’s needs, timescales and budget, makes him the perfect person to lead our team of creatives. He ensures all of our output meets his own exacting standards. The company finances also fall under Chris’ close scrutiny. Much as he’d like to confound national stereotyping, this proud Scotsman can’t help but keep a vice-like grip on the purse-strings.
Chris is an intent listener and a problem solver. To him, every job is an opportunity to create a crystal clear message that speaks to everyone, and to inject life and creativity into even the most unpromising content. Like the Ray Mears of the graphic facilitation world, Chris sees a challenge to be relished where others see an impenetrable jungle of business-speak. As a maestro of terrible similes, this description seems totally appropriate.


Emily Spicer
Account Manager

Emily has travelled the world. She’s seen Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, China and Thailand, to name just a few. But of the many countries she has seen, her native Black Country, in the West Midlands, still ranks among her favourites. Now, with Scriberia stamped firmly in her passport, she is giving us the benefit of her administrative and organisational wizardry.
Having studied textile design and illustration she brings an artistic eye to keeping our studio on the straight and narrow, and her note-packed desk diary is already the stuff of legend at Scriberia.
For the record, the fact that her family produces one of the finest pints of beer in the country is pure coincidence, and is in no way connected to her working here.

Giulia Vaccari
Account Manager

For most of our clients, the wonderful Giulia is the first point of contact here at Scriberia. Born in the land of Prosecco in Northern Italy, she is as sparkling as you might expect. She joined us from Forma, the renowned arts and media producers, and brought with her a knack for getting things done, without compromising on the creativity. 
Our scribes love her as much as our clients do, as she always ensures they’re well looked after, wherever in the world they are working.
She can’t draw (yet!) but has a passion for film, dance, yoga and veggie cookery, which is where she likes to invest her own creative energies. So, let Giulia introduce you to Scriberia’s full menu, or create an appetising solution to suit your tastes. Oh, and it’s pronounced “Julia”!


Lizzie Dixey
Company Manager

With years of experience managing projects for some of the world’s biggest brands, who better than Lizzie to be tasked with keeping the Scriberian operation running like a well-oiled machine?
Hailing from a tiny, 'almost non-existent' speck of a village in Hampshire, she made her way to the bright lights of the city via the not-quite-so-bright-lights of Exeter, where she studied Spanish and Drama. 
In her spare time, the multi-talented Lizzie likes cooking, photography and pilates. But, insists, she can’t draw ‘to save her life’.
Rather than put her skills to a life or death test (we’re reasonable people) we have, instead, suggested she completes our awesome #HowToDraw series – which should have her up-to-speed in 5 minutes flat.

Rachel Porter
Content Editor

While many no doubt think of Scriberia as that lot that draw pictures and make nice animations, we recognise that those things are nothing without some juicy content to give them purpose. Stories are always at the heart of what we do, which is why Rachel, with a decade of experience behind her as a journalist for some of the UK’s best known newspapers, is a perfect fit for us.

She may not draw a lot, but in every other respect she’s a shining example of a Scriberian. Rachel thrives on tight deadlines, loves a good metaphor, and can rapidly get to grips with any subject from photons to frothy coffees. She’s the words behind our animations, the character (well, all 140 of them actually) behind our tweets, and the architect behind our web content. Her storytelling nous and editorial knowhow is a huge asset to all areas of the company.

She hasn’t quite left her old job behind though - Rachel’s also a source of spectacular celebrity gossip that rarely turns out to have any truth in it whatsoever. 


Warren Harper
Studio Manager

If you snapped Warren in two he’d have the words “Southend-on-Sea” running through him like a stick of rock. But we wouldn’t do that, of course, because we need our favourite Essex boy in one piece to handle our accounts, and make sure the studio is ticking along nicely. 
When he’s not beavering away here, he indulges his twin passions - art and Essex - working as a freelance curator and researcher on local art projects around his own beloved neck of the woods. That includes one that currently requires him to don his captain’s hat every weekend, and set sail across the Thames Estuary in search of artistic inspiration. We’re well jel.

Sam Hinton
Administrative Assistant

In a studio full of creatives, it’s essential that we also have people with a penchant for colour-codes, calendars, lists and systems. But, in Samatha, we’ve found someone who combines a love of perfect order with her own flair for art and design.

So, after a hard day of sorting us all out, and keeping the studio shipshape, there’s nothing she enjoys more than grabbing a giant canvas and covering it (and herself) in paint. She says she’s inspired by fairytales, and now she’s landed in her very own, here at Scriberia (OK, we made that bit up).

Sam has an impressive repertoire of crazy tales from a childhood spent on the beaches of West Sussex and the Florida Keys. The ones
 we’ve heard so far feature drag queens, lethal jellyfish, and sharks. On stories alone, Sam’s proven herself the perfect addition to the team. 


Sophie Smiles
Head of Creative Collaboration

It’s true! Sophie smiles a lot – after all, she has much to smile about. As leader of our InkTank sessions, she has the pleasure of helping our clients unearth the nuggets of genius that will transform their business, and solve their problems by putting the theories of Design Thinking and Systems Thinking into exciting practice. 
But Sophie’s knack for rooting out brilliant ideas, is just one of her many talents. An accomplished pianist, bass player, accordionist and singer, she plays blues and roots music like a New Orleans native. She’s writing an album and has a residency at one of the best cocktail bars in town. Returning, at the end of the night of a hard night on the ivories, to her cosy canal boat home… if she can remember where she left it!

Sarah Manley
Project Manager: Academy

Sarah brings a wealth of creative skills, including scribing, process facilitation, visual thinking and project management to her role as manager of our exciting new workshop offering. For more than 15 years, she’s been using all that expertise to interpret and unravel complex problems for an impressive range of blue-chip organisations. Now she’s enjoying passing on some of that knowledge to our clients, helping them understand and utilise the power of pictures to clarify their thinking and tell their stories.
As a scribe she has written on walls everywhere from 95th-floor boardrooms, hospitals, five-star hotels, and universities to nursery schools, church halls and on one memorable occasion, the sunny banks of the River Thames.


Matias Morel Balbi

Our longest serving member of staff, Matias is an important part of the Scriberia story. In the early days he provided a natural counter-balance to Chris and Dan’s positivity and can-do attitude. But since then we’ve learned he is wit and charm personified, as long as he’s had his first coffee of the day. NEVER approach him before then.
Half Italian, half Peruvian, he narrowly avoided Peruvian National Service recently to continue his tour of duty with us. With a meticulous eye for detail and a great sense of visual style, he’s the man responsible for majority of Scriberia’s animated output to date. He also creates beautiful illustrations, demonstrating a drawing ability that leaves the rest of us quietly envious.

Angie Phillips

Angie was once an uncompromising midfielder for Bristol Rovers girls’ team, feared across the West of England for her blood-curdling tackles. But, since retiring from the game aged 10, she’s worked hard to make amends; becoming a peace-loving creative with an infectious giggle and a sneeze like a baby Panda's. 
She set her heart on becoming an animator after seeing the surreal Pink Elephants segment in Disney's Dumbo. That classic sequence has since inspired her to some award winning work and some very weird nights out. Her graduate animation won a Best in Year D&AD award and the Cartoon Brew student award. Half Welsh and half Indian, Angie makes a mean leek biryani and has appeared on The One Show dressed as a pea.


Amy Wolfe

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours… but ironically, growing up on the glorious Welsh coast, Amy never met hers due to her all-consuming passion for TV – and the enduring Aussie soap, in particular. 
Thankfully, Amy eventually broadened her horizons beyond Ramsay Street, and left Swansea for London to pursue a career as an animator.  Despite her reputation for destroying our kit (two computers and a hard drive so far, but who’s counting?), she gets some lovely work done. 
Amy also applies her artistic talents to the creation of fancy dress costumes.  Her greatest hits include a clam, a bottle of beer and a woman giving birth. Perhaps our next studio party will provide Amy with her biggest creative challenge yet.

Sidsel Sørensen

In a past life, in her native Denmark, Sidsel (pronounced Sizzle, and variously misheard as Twizzle, Fizzle and Fo’ Shizzle), our meticulously mop-haired, multitasking illustrator, animator and scribe, was a master of baker butter-laden baked goods.
She first moved to the UK for university, but followed the smell of freshly baked cakes all the way back to Copenhagen after graduation, where she freelanced as an artist and worked in a bakery; perfecting the recipes that – to our delight – she often brings to the studio.
She fell in love with animation during her masters course, then she moved to London where she found Scriberia. While she still dreams of being the creative genius behind Lurpak Man, she readily turns her hand to the huge variety of projects that come our way.


Matt Kemp

Matt was born in Derbyshire, grew up in Hertfordshire, studied in Brighton and London and now lives in a shed on a farm outside St. Albans. Like many successful scribes, he took an indirect path to illustration and graphic facilitation; in his case, via biology, gardening and fine art. 
But for Matt - our resident science and history geek, with a decent grasp of Arabic - his appetite for information and love of drawing have been constant throughout his life.  He devours books on subjects most of us were glad to leave behind at school, just for fun. And that's what makes him a perfect fit for Scriberia. We often have clients requesting Matt’s scribing specifically because of his impressive knowledge of a huge range of subjects, ranging from railways to pharmaceuticals.

Jess Milton

As a fresh-faced fresher at Central St Martins, Jess was rescued from the almost certain fate of pulling pints in a terrible pub to earn a crust, and offered her first job as a scribe. With pen in hand, and nose to the scribing wall, she found her natural home with us, and made a beeline for the studio as soon as she graduated.
A fittingly precocious start to a career, for someone who, legend has it, had created her own series of comics about a fierce and fearless superbaby, long before she could crawl.
Comics remain a passion for Jess, who also draws original short stories and comics for the web in her spare time. She’s also an obsessive curator of beautiful stuff via Pinterest and Instagram, as well as a jazz-singing costumier and maker of fine pecan pies. 


Lauren Gentry

In the future, when the Museum of Scribing finally opens its doors, Lauren’s legendary collection of ‘perfect scribing shoes’ will feature as a prize exhibit. She is as revered by her fellow scribes for her ability to find footwear that strikes an elusive balance between functional and fabulous, as for her artistic skill. Those shoes provide the steady foundation upon which all her work is built.  
A keen cyclist ever since her traumatic passage from Dundee to London on the Megabus, she’s now hoping to avoid public transport entirely by converting an old transit van into a camper in her spare time – a consuming project that leaves her with just enough time to devour films, scour London’s galleries and eat unnatural quantities of feta cheese. 


Fiona Dunphy
Art Assistant

Highly skilled in the art of making us all look good, Fiona is our art assistant. She deftly transforms photos of our scribing into beautiful, print-ready, digital outputs. She also doubles as the company archivist, keeping our body of work in good order - thus preserving it to be studied and enjoyed by future generations! 
A talented artist in her own right, drawing has been Fiona’s lifelong passion. She demonstrated her precocious talent for emotionally powerful illustration as a child by drawing pictures of herself crying. She told her (presumably freaked out) parents that when she grew up she wanted to be happy. We like to think that, after a few years of globetrotting, she's found her happy place with us at Scriberia.


Sam Hubbard

In the future, when the Museum of Scribing finally opens its doors, Lauren’s legendary collection of ‘perfect scribing shoes’ will feature as a prize exhibit. She is as revered by her fellow scribes for her ability to find footwear that strikes an elusive balance between functional and fabulous, as for her artistic skill. Those shoes provide the steady foundation upon which all her work is built.  
A keen cyclist ever since her traumatic passage from Dundee to London on the Megabus, she’s now hoping to avoid public transport entirely by converting an old transit van into a camper in her spare time – a consuming project that leaves her with just enough time to devour films, scour London’s galleries and eat unnatural quantities of feta cheese.