Pedal to the metal

Halfords scriberia scribing graphic facilitation live drawing


It was a fun-filled day of free-flowing thought and fancy dress as Halfords staff from all over the UK gathered for their retail conference, and set their minds to shop-floor strategies to drive sales and service improvements.

The resulting scribe not only provided a stimulating focal point for attendees on the day, but became central to their take-away briefing pack. Capturing the spirit and energy of the day - as well as some of the best costumes. (Yes, that is the Honey Monster!) - it provided a vivid aide-memoir for those tasked with relaying their experience to colleagues back home. 

‘So much better than just replaying power-point slides,’ says Phil O'Connor, Halfords’ Head of People Development. ‘The artists [Rachel and Julia], were awesome. It was so impressive to see them bring to life the event as it unfolded. Throughout the day, delegates would wander over to see the team in action.’