Scriberia show even the most hopeless doodler how to capture and communicate ideas in their simplest form, introducing tricks and tips that make drawing a useful everyday work tool. And it’s all done with immense charm. It’s like being in a double art class with your favourite teacher.
— Tom Firth, Managing Director, M&C Saatchi


When time is short and attention spans are even shorter, having the skills to think and communicate in effective and engaging ways can set you apart.

Pictures have the power to say more than words, shortcut to understanding, clarify thinking, embed memory, spark insights, inspire change and transform the world. The key is knowing how to use them. 

At Scriberia, we believe anyone can learn simple drawing techniques to help them think, work and communicate better.

That’s why we set up Scriberia Academy: to help non-artists gain the confidence and skills to start using these powerful tools. Read about the ways you and your team can harness the power of visual thinking through our workshops and courses below:


How to Draw Anything

Half day (3hr) workshop

A fun and interactive introduction to drawing as a critical-thinking tool for non-artists. More information below.

✓ Develop your drawing confidence

✓ Get a great creative workout

✓ Improve team cohesion

✓ Build a visual language in common

Using Ink to Think

Full day (6hrs) workshop

Build your visual thinking skills with How to Draw Anything plus any ONE of:

Creative Firestarters
Clarity from Complexity
Visual Storytelling
Picturing Change

✓ Sharpen communication skills

✓ Practical tips for using drawing at work

✓ Use drawing as a problem solving tool

✓ Draw with clarity and purpose

Scriberia Diploma

6 x 2 hour workshops

Become a visual leader in your organisation with our unique 6-part course:

How to Draw Anything
Creative Firestarters
Clarity from Complexity
Visual Storytelling
Picturing Change

✓ Make visual thinking a core skill

✓ Become a visual leader in your organisation

✓ Inspire others to work more visually

✓ Gain a broad and flexible creative skillset



How to draw anything
Scriberia's essential toolkit


We’re already seeing a difference. It’s helping us achieve a culture shift towards sharing our ideas early and often. Sticking a quick sketch on the wall is a really powerful conversation starter. It makes sharing ideas so much easier.”

Kate Kapp, Senior Service Design Manager, Tesco PLC

This is our foundation workshop, designed to give non-artists the essential tools and confidence you need to start using drawing as a multipurpose tool for thinking, creating, communicating and remembering. It’s a solid grounding for anyone – whether you’re a project manager or a medic – who needs to map out and share ideas, concepts, scenarios, processes and plans. It often feels safer and more obvious to present ideas with digital tools. But they can slow you down, distract from the task or muddy the message.

So in this workshop we explore strategies and tools to capture clear and sharp ideas at speed with a pen. Through a series of fun practical lessons and challenges, you’ll discover how little it matters what a picture looks like as long as it gets the message across. You’ll learn accessible techniques to draw basic pictures of objects, people, action scenes, past and future, hidden details, emotion and character. As a team you’ll develop a consistent, democratic visual language that everyone can use. And you’ll come away with a better understanding of how to start thinking and communicating clearly and powerfully with images.

Powerful techniques for learning and remembering

“Scriberia are known for their sketchnotes – and they’re fantastic at helping others improve their sketchnoting skills too.With Dan’s friendly approach and helpful feedback, we quickly picked up lots of skills, as well as having fun!”

Leigh Kendall, Communications Lead, NHS Horizons

The ability to make quick useful picture-notes is increasingly recognised as an important skill whether you’re a team leader, health professional, teacher, student, policy-maker – or indeed anyone who needs to capture, absorb and share complex information in ways that stick.

We’ve all been taught to take down content from talks and articles in dry and tedious lists. This workshop explains the science behind why the act of drawing while you’re listening improves focus, comprehension and knowledge retention. A sketchnote can also be a very valuable tool for explaining ideas and processes to others. The core of this session is a series of simple hands-on exercises that reveal step-by-step how to sketchnote live presentations and written content. You’ll learn visual recording and mapping techniques to prioritise key points, organise them and make them memorable.

You’ll discover how to present concepts in a clear and eye-catching way with strong layout and simple but effective typography.

And you’ll leave the workshop with the understanding and inspiration to start using sketchnoting as an everyday tool for your own and your team’s learning.

Clarity from complexity
Make your vision sharper, ideas leaner and presentations smarter

It was a great workshop for the whole team. Through illustration

we examined the thought process of getting to a focused message, of identifying the most important information to be communicated.

Tom Oliver, Senior Design Manager, Mars Global Chocolate

How many of us count drawing as a tool for thinking? Yet figuring out how to turn something into a picture provides a unique opportunity to look at it afresh and analyse what really matters.

The process of picturing a subject on paper forces us to clarify our understanding of it. It can help us find the core of an idea, focus its message and keep it beautifully simple. It can help us identify priorities, spot confusion, and resolve problems. And that’s the case whether or not its final form is visual.

This workshop is designed to help hone your instinct for elegant economy, whether you’re a social campaigner, marketing planner or science researcher. You’ll explore great examples and techniques for breaking down rich and complex subjects, and organising and prioritising their contents. Through revealing drawing experiments, you’ll discover how to communicate with more impact and make your ideas leaner, visions stronger and presentations smarter.

You’ll leave with a better understanding of how to apply these lessons to both visual and non-visual communication, from social media campaigns to pitches, plans and plots.

Picturing change
Tools to show what the future looks like

“Scriberia did a fantastic and impressive job of navigating everyone through a series of hands-on exercises that raised the collective confidence in being able to visualise our ideas. This should raise our game.”

Richard Beecroft, Associate Director, Mediacom

How do you go about making change if you can’t picture it? And how do you involve and mobilise others to help make a vision happen if they don’t know what it looks like?

We can’t photograph what’s in our heads, so drawing is a brilliantly adaptable way to give shape and substance to plans and visions. A clear picture of the future can create a common understanding of the way forward, and be a highly effective means of encouraging shifts in personal and team mindset. The process of making it can give another form of voice for those who aren’t comfortable speaking up in meetings. And often visualising the journey reveals its opportunities and gaps.

This workshop is designed to help you develop skills to plan better, communicate a tangible vision, and create common understanding with your teams and clients. Through lively examples and exercises, you’ll learn how to create simple pictures and models to explain and engage others constructively with change.

You’ll explore ways to picture the people affected by it, show how the process works, spot potential pitfalls and envision compelling goals. You’ll leave with tools to adapt and apply to the future you want to make happen.

Creative firestarters
Drawing to spark ideas

Scriberia Academy gave us the confidence and techniques to use drawing as an energising tool to capture and think through ideas in collaboration, especially with clients. We were inspired by the potential applications, and we can see opportunities to use these tools right across our business.”

Ciarán Hanway, Head of Consulting, Kainos

When you’re feeling blank, stuck in a rut or lacking creative confidence, we want to show you how drawing can help liberate the imagination, whether or not your work is image-based.

At Scriberia we know from daily experience how drawing can reveal fresh insights by making connections that never would have met on a page of text. This workshop shares our team’s expert insights and the games we play to stay creatively limber and keep our ideas flowing.

As we guide you through a series of playful and fast-paced experiments, you’ll learn first-hand how creative constraints can vanquish fear of the blank page and liberate possibility.

You’ll experience how drawing can open up problems and questions, refine hazy ideas and hunches, and find potential apparently from nowhere.

You’ll learn tricks and techniques to weave creativity into your day-to-day routine.

And you’ll take away our best advice and insights for keeping your imagination fuelled.

Visual Storytelling
How to communicate beyond words

Given the work that we do, our biggest challenge is to present compelling messages to our clients. It was a fantastic session, everyone truly enjoyed it and is embracing the things that we learnt - it was incredibly helpful and inspiring.”

Lucia Turco, Lead Insights Consultant, Globant

Scriberia is a world-leading visual storyteller, and this workshop shares our essential insights for creating pictures that are more powerful and fast-acting than text alone. It’s useful for anyone who needs to build compelling storyboards and plots, pitch for attention, make impact with case studies, bring scenarios to life, capture user perspectives, represent customer journeys and see the world from another perspective.

Through practical experiments and group conversation, the workshop gives you creative insights and practical techniques for telling a brilliant visual story. That includes how to:

  • picture characters, concepts, emotions in narrative form,

  • map processes, journeys, time sequences and plots,

  • find visual metaphors to express ideas better and quicker than words,

  • identify core themes that drive the story

  • choose narrative forms and frameworks to communicate clearly and powerfully

The Scriberia workshop really focused and inspired the attendees. It gave them the confidence in their ability to have ideas and communicate them.
— Kati Russell, Senior Programme Manager, D&AD

who are our workshops for?

Scriberia Academy workshops are for non-artists keen to supercharge their skillset in building visual literacy skills to help you think, work and communicate better.

Past Academy participants have included account managers, architects, data analysts, fundraisers, marketing executives, museum professionals, product designers, science researchers, software engineers, strategic consultants, UX designers, and teams from Globant, HM Prison and Probation Service, Mars, Mediacom, NHS England, Oxfam, Roche, M&C Saatchi, Tesco and YCN.

Each workshop is for between 10 to 150 people. It can be adapted to last between one and three hours, and combined with another workshop to make a whole day of training.

what's the venue?

We can bring Academy workshop to your venue. Or we can host it here in Scriberia’s Inktank. This is a special creative space for up to 20 people, with whiteboard walls and plenty of pens.

what happens after the workshop?


Handy resources
After each workshop, we send participants a summary of its key points, useful resources, and the opportunity to subscribe to InkedIn.

Each month we mail you our Academy newsletter, InkedIn, with helpful tips, tricks and inspiration to keep practising.

Your next workshop
Many teams find it useful to keep developing their skills with another Academy workshop a few weeks later. What better way to keep everyone on course for success?