UX London: Making art that works

When it's your job to design smooth and streamlined user experiences, spotting potential pitfalls and pain-points is a lot easier when you think visually. So, when the Scriberia team pitched up at Clearleft's UX London event in Greenwich during a sweltering week in May we found an audience in tune with our visual thinking philosophy among the UX Design community. 

As always, we sought to show how even the simplest drawing can solve problems, map ideas, and bring clarity to communications; after all, creating art that works, is infinitely more useful than creating works of art. 

So, creative directors, Dan and Chris kicked off the workshop by introducing the trusty visual alphabet: 12 simple squiggles that can be used to draw anything (really, anything).

Then, using this shared visual language, attendees set to work, drawing people, places and objects, before collaborating in small groups to create a shared bigger picture. They discovered that through pictures, they were able to communicate clearly and create a common understanding - instantly overcoming two of the most common hurdles of collaborative work.

Together, groups explored the pictures they'd made, and the visual stories within them; drawing in those invisible elements like thoughts and emotions that are vitally important considerations for a UX designer. 

Meanwhile, scribes Fiona and Sara were sketchnoting all of the event's keynotes. Nike's Lysandre Follet and Uber's Molly Nix were among the impressive names on the bill, discussing design-led user experience.

Here's what they recorded:

Find out more about what we can bring to live events on our scribing and sketchnoting pages.