You don't have to be a designer to unleash the power of visual design

These days it's not just designers who need great visual communication skills. The digital revolution has changed the landscape of communication for all of us. Yet, while we consume information in visual form more regularly and more readily than ever before, most of us are no more capable of creating the basics. 

Unleash the Power of Visual Design, the design event for non-designers, addresses the growing gap between our consumption and our understanding of visual communications.

scriberia visual communication

As part of a line-up of speakers that includes illustration agency Jelly's creative director of Charlie Sells and Diageo's global design director Jeremy Lindley, Scriberia's own Dan Porter, creative director and passionate advocate of visual thinking, will be lending his thoughts on maximising the power of visual content.

His talk, Drawing Attention: "It's not the ink, it's the think!", will focus on what makes a picture powerful. With more than 15 years experience as a leading graphic facilitator and visual creative, he's got a well-trained eye for pictures with the power to take your message and push it to where you want it to go. 

What gives an image sticking power in the conscience? Why is creating great visual content for your business might not be as simple as taking a beautifully filtered photo of a sunset and overlaying it with an inspirational quote? (I know, guys. But come on, you can do better!). What lessons can we learn from the cliches of the Instagram era?

So, if you need to update your skills, learn to be literate in a universal visual language. Get your ticket here.