The Visual Thinker's Christmas Gift Guide

Have you got a visual thinker in your life? Are you a daydreaming doodler struggling to know what to ask Santa for? Allow us to help you out.

Pencil Socks

Look, you’re going to get socks from your Auntie Pauline anyway so why not ask for these HB beauties to ensure your whole outfit is “on brand”? We’re pretty sure they don’t work as real pencils so use with caution.

£7.99 from the Literary Gift Company


Festival of Brexit Britain Poster by Richard Littler


A Festival of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is due to take place in 2022. Bet you can’t wait. Till then, you can gaze at this poster, from the wonderful Mr Littler, creator of Scarfolk. Inspired by Abram Games’ Festival of Britain, we think it really encapsulates the current mood. In recognition of his pioneering design work a proportion of each sale will go to the estate of Abram Games. Which is a good enough reason for us.

£18.00 from the Saatchi Store

Line-us the drawing robot


We’re being taken over by robots! Hey, ho. If you can’t beat them, keep them as pets. Line-us is an internet-connected robotic drawing arm that copies your drawing style and allows you to share your messages and doodles with others. Attach a pen to it and watch the magic happen.

£89 from Line-us Shop

Trump Cushion


No YOU’RE immature. In our opinion, too little has been made of the fact that the president of the United States of America has a name synonymous with the word 'fart'. So, to remedy this, and to aid the charitable causes most likely to suffer under the next president's tenure, you can buy an old fashioned whoopee-cushion, illustrated by Mr Bingo. At £5, it's a great Secret Santa gift. Peaceful protest it may not be. But, hey, it's all we've got.  

£5 from

To Kill a Mockingbird, the graphic novel

Sometimes a graphic novel can detract from the text but this beauty, illustrated by Fred Fordham, manages to capture the complexity and beauty of this timeless novel with vivid and moving drawings. Hard-as-nails Scotsman and Scriberia co-founder Chris is only halfway through and has cried twice already.

Buy it now on Amazon


Pass-a-Ball Football


We love the designs on these PARK balls. With hand-drawn graphics inspired by street football culture, they’re tested to 4000 kicks (that’s our lunchbreak down the drain). Also, for every ball purchased, PARK will give one to a child in need.  

£25 from The Mini Edit

Viarco Vintage Pencils


How could you fail to be inspired when you have a set of these beautiful vintage Viarco pencils, based on the Portuguese brand’s 1950s and 60s designs?. We’re shaking the presents under the Scriberia tree to see if anyone’s bought us these.

£8.00 from Jackson’s Art Supplies