The Visual Thinker's Christmas Gift Guide

You've probably already trawled a those distinctly uninspiring gift guides 'for her', 'for him', 'for wine buffs' and 'for keen golfers'. So, perhaps we can be of assistance. If you're still searching for the perfect gift for a visual thinker, a doodler, a daydreamer, a graphic novel geek, or a pathological pun-artist, may we humbly offer our top Christmas picks. 



We like our porcelain with personality and believe no vase should be without a strong visual gag. So this expressive collection of handcrafted vases, by Tong Wei, feature high on the Scriberian wish list this year. Classy and cute, with or without a floral hair-do.


Patience, by Daniel Clowes

When Patience, Daniel Clowes' first graphic novel in five years, hit the shelves back in March, we couldn't wait to get our hands on it. And this 'cosmic timewarp deathtrip to the primordial infinite of everlasting love' didn’t disappoint. The plot follows Jack Barlow as he oscillates between past and future to try and save the life of his pregnant girlfriend. It's a sci-fi love story like no other, and no graphic novel collection would be complete without it. The Guardian described it as 'a deeply affecting book, and despite its gritty prose, colourful language and hardboiled trappings, a tender one, its sustained undertow of tenderness and melancholy giving it a surprising delicacy'.,daniel-clowes-9781910702451



art play, by marion deuchars

We like to squeeze as much play into what we do as we can. That's because being creative is hard work, and being serious about it only makes it harder. So, for anyone, of any age, who is keen to free their imagination and push their artistic skills to new heights, we strongly recommend this delightful crash course by the award-winning illustrator and author, Marion Deuchars. We share her passion for making art and creativity accessible to all, and we love her latest book, Art Play (published by Laurence King). It's jam-packed with fun activities and games - each page has a fresh creative visual challenge - perfect for unlocking your under-utilised visual skills.


The trump cushion

He won! Get over it! Sure, you could do the mature thing and accept the result with grace. Or... you could buy a fabulous Trump Cushion. In our opinion, too little has been made of the fact that the United States of America has just elected a President with a name synonymous with the word 'fart'. So, to remedy this, and to aid the charitable causes most likely to suffer under the next President's tenure, you can buy an old fashioned whoopee-cushion, illustrated by Mr Bingo. At £5, it's a great Secret Santa gift. Peaceful protest it may not be. But, hey, it's all we've got.



This tea towel neatly side-steps the problem of finding a suitable gift for a person you don't know very well. Your aunt, your cousin, your new girlfriend's parents - the chances are, an appreciation for a good cup of tea, is something they all have in common. Give them the gift of tea-related facts - designed by Stuart Gardiner and printed on a tea towel, of course - and by this time next year they'll be well qualified to make you the perfect brew.