The Scribituaries: Life's a work of art

Scriberia obituary scribituary

Last week we posted the first in a new series of work, that we’re feeling pretty excited about: The Scribituaries.

Steve Strange, the lynchpin of 80s pop culture, who died suddenly in Egypt last month at the age of 55, was the man to inspire the first in the series. And it was fitting that he was. After all, it’s hard to think of many who have lived lives more visually iconic and spectacular.

Capturing his inimitable spirit – the colour, the creativity and the cast of well-known characters that shared his life – was the somewhat daunting task we set ace illustrator, Rachel Sale. And we think she did him proud.

The death of Leonard Nimoy, actor, writer and director beloved of geeks everywhere, inspired Chris Wilson, one half of Scriberia's creative partnership, to create the next in the series.

While Scribituaries are a chance for us to commemorate lives that interest and inspire us in some way, they also feel like the perfect way to practice what we’re all about. We put into pictures things that can be hard to capture with words alone - and life itself is certainly one of those things.

“An illustrated obituary feels like a perfect way to document a life,” says Chris. “Unlike a written obituary, a Scribituary isn’t linear; it physically represents the unpredictable twists and turns of life. It has the power to connect the viewer with the subject, and to render that person in a more real, more tangible and more human way.

“Scribituaries offer us, as artists, the opportunity to respond to events immediately. They’re not carefully composed works, but fast and raw and relevant.” – And, we think, all the more powerful for it. We hope you enjoy them.