The power of sketchnotes

Sketchnotes are hugely popular with our clients because - whether they're on paper or digital tablet - they're an ideal way to document events, meetings and lectures. Not only are sketchnotes an incredibly versatile and shareable format, they're also an amazing way to make information more memorable. 

Using a combination of pictures and words is proven as a method for committing ideas to memory. So what better way to make sure you remember the brilliance of sketchnotes, than to create our very own set of sketchnotes about it? Meta!

So, if you've ever wondered how to use sketchnotes, how to draw your own sketchnotes, or how they could revolutionise the way you retain important information, our beautiful guide (drawn by our very own sketchnote afficionado, Lauren) is a fantastic place to start.

What did we tell you - they're awesome!

If you'd like a sketchnote-pro to record your event or meeting, we have a team of talented sketchnoting scribes to lend a hand. You can check out our archive of work here

Click here to find out how sketchnoting and scribing could enhance your next event.