The importance of end-to-end design for your event

It’s never too early to consider how bespoke visuals could enhance your event from start to finish. Through your planning and preparation, promotion and execution, to your post-event communications, a coherent visual strategy is a truly worthwhile investment.  


That’s why we offer our clients an end-to-end design service; to ensure that all of your visual communication, online and off, are aligned to create one powerful story. By partnering our clients from as early in their event-planning process as possible, we help them maximise the impact of their event branding and communications throughout, providing bespoke social media assets, event literature, banners, merchandise, live content capture, workshops and so much more. 

“It works so well when we’re part of the conversation from the very beginning,” says Scriberia co-founder, Dan Porter. “When you’re planning an event, the visual elements shouldn’t be a panicky afterthought when the plan that emerges looks a little dry.”

“We're always very keen to ensure our clients squeeze us for maximum value,” says Dan. “By involving us throughout the event lifecycle, we're able to advise clients how to squeeze most impact from our work. Greater involvement in the early stages allows us to spot opportunities to integrate visuals more closely with the content and help define and support a strong, engaging event narrative.

“With a better understanding of our client's objectives we can select from a wide range of technologies and media to find an approach that fits the aims of the event; design bespoke workshops to encourage visual thinking and creativity; and devise the right approach to boost social media presence.”

Consistency is key to the impact of your messaging, says Dan: “If all the visuals tie together, you're providing delegates with a shared visual language of their own, unique to that time and place, so it's worth really exploring all opportunities to reinforce that.”

When global pharmaceutical company, Lundbeck, challenged us to create a visual experience befitting their centenary year conference in Copenhagen, it gave us a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the power of Scriberia’s innovative and comprehensive approach to event design.

We created several bespoke elements, including illustrated assets for their pre-event communications, and a short animation to introduce delegates to the event’s main themes at its Welcome session.

If all the visuals tie together, you’re providing delegates with a shared visual language of their own, unique to that time and place, so it’s worth really exploring all opportunities to reinforce that.
— Dan Porter, co-founder of Scriberia

Working in harmony with Lundbeck’s existing branding concepts and colour palettes, we captured content through live and digital scribing, and projected a live feed of our work in the main event space. And, as the event drew to a close, we created a world-first “live” animation; turning our digitally scribed highlights into an animated summary in time for the event’s final session.

Similarly, in Cannes, Scriberia took an end-to-end approach to the biggest event in the advertising industry’s calendar. We created the artwork for all pre- and post-event marketing materials, merchandising, venue banners and more. We also sent a small army of scribes to capture the highlights once the festival was in full swing, and co-founder Dan took part in panel discussions too. Even we were blown away by the impact of the project, when we finally saw it in situ. 

When the event is over, our work is far from done. There is so much lovely stuff you can make with your scribed content once the main event is finished. We want every client to maximise the value and versatility of their investment in us.

Whichever method of live content capture you opt for, from scribing to digital sketchnoting, we can turn it into a collection of digital images with countless applications. Why not download our ebook guide to enhancing your event with visuals, to find out more about the value and versatility of our live event services?

Discover how visuals can enhance your live event, every step of the way.

        - Maximise the impact of your pre-event campaigns
        - Increase participation and engagement at your event
        - Give your content life and purpose after your event