Thanks Alan!

The man himself: Alan Rusbridger spent 20 years as editor of The Guardian

We love great content. So, we got a little bit excited when we were invited to scribe the party marking the end of Alan Rusbridger's tenure as editor of the Guardian

After all, great content is what has defined the Guardian, under his editorship. Many of the biggest stories of the last two decades have been broken by Guardian journalists and splashed across its pages; Wikileaks, phone hacking, Edward Snowden, to name just a few. They've all had seismic impacts on Britain's political and media landscapes. 

At the same time, the paper has been at the vanguard of a revolution in news media. And, undoubtedly, here at Scriberia, we have been beneficiaries of that. Alan's appetite for new and interesting ways to tell stories and share ideas, means that, as scribes, illustrators and animators, we've had the opportunity to become a small part of his impressive legacy. 

So, it was a privilege for us to be invited to the party, and to have the chance to say - in our own inimitable way - 'Thanks Alan'. We created a visual time-line of his, and the paper's, greatest hits, incorporating the memories and well-wishes of those who have had the pleasure to work with him. If you want to know more about how scribing or graphic facilitation can enhance your event, get in touch.