Stephen Hawking's big ideas, made simple with animation

This animation, made for the Guardian's Made Simple series in 2013, remains one of our favourites from the Scriberia archive.

We’re sharing it here again on the day of Stephen Hawking’s death, to honour his incredible life and work as one of the greats of theoretical physics.

Known to the world as the man who unlocked many of the secrets of the universe, he is also the man whose extraordinary body of work showed us at Scriberia the value - and of course the great fun - to be had in explaining something mindbogglingly complicated as simply as we could. We figured, if we could manage to explain Hawking radiation and the big bang theory with just a few bits of cardboard, we could take on the world. Give it a watch below.

If you'd like to see how animation could help you explain your research, take a look at our archive here, or get in touch with our animation producer, Karen.