Scribituary: Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling was a doctor, a statistician, and a mesmerising public speaker whose passion in a 'fact-based world view' was infectious. Described as a 'Jedi master of data visualisation' in whose hands 'data sings', he had a gift for bringing to life facts and statistics and an unshakeable belief in their power to change the world for the better. 

His death, at the age of 68, came as a significant blow to his many fans around the world, fighting for access to truth in a "post-fact" world. As firm believers in the power of visualisation, we thought it only right that we should commemorate his important work with scribituary - a scribed and animated obituary.

At Scriberia, we are always seeking new methods of visual storytelling, and through our Scribituaries - which have taken many forms over the years - we've given ourselves the ultimate challenge in conveying complex narratives with the subtlety and sensitivity they require. To see the rest of this series, head to our YouTube channel