Richie Benaud: 6 October, 1930 - 10 April 2015

Some might say that the sound of summer is the hum of a lawn-mower or the tinkle of ice in a glass of Pimms. Well, for us, without a doubt, it was the voice of Richie Benaud, a legend of cricket and of commentary. 

When Richie died in April, there was no question that he would feature in Scriberia's gallery of scribituaries. And it seemed fitting that we should release the finished artwork as the first ball of this year's Ashes series was bowled in Cardiff.

A scribituary is, of course, Scriberia’s own scribed take on the obituary, and they give us a chance to do what we do best. As a specialist animation, graphic facilitation and illustration agency, we believe in the power of pictures to tell stories and connect people to content and its context.

A life, illustrated in a way that balances fact with feeling, and story with style, is the ultimate challenge for us as visual storytellers.