Scribing overseas: Making our mark around the world

Transcending borders, languages, cultures, visual communication is global communication. And that's why, increasingly, we find ourselves scribing, sketchnoting, and producing animation for clients all over the world.

Scriberia has scribes based all over the world

Our studio might be based in London, but in an average week, our team of scribes travel thousands of miles to scribe and sketchnote in locations far beyond the M25. From neighbouring European cities to far-flung destinations, like Abu Dhabi and Toronto.

While we still send scribes far and wide from our central London hub, we now have some of our best scribes permanently stationed in other parts of the world. And, excitingly for Scriberia, as they put down roots in other cities, so too do we. 


Scriberia overseas: Our scribe, Mathieu, is now based in France

Our favourite Frenchman, Mathieu, returned home this year, after four years of scribing in London. He believes scribing serves a special purpose in his motherland: 'French culture is often associated with philosophy, or spending hours dissecting cerebral topics at length (red wine and cigarette in hand). But through scribing, visuals can aid these types of conversations; breaking down and simplifying even the loftiest of topics. Be it French phenomenology or business philosophy, visual storytelling brings much-needed clarity and substance to all types of abstract ideas.'


Scriberia overseas: Our scribe, Sidsel, is now based in Denmark

When our illustrator and animator, Sidsel, decided to move back to her home city of Copenhagen after two years in Scriberia's London studio, it gave us the opportunity to make the most of a strong uptick in demand for scribing and sketchnoting in Scandinavia. 
Denmark might be best known as the home of hygge and the land of LEGO, but the Danes' passion for design thinking and creative problem-solving is their real national treasure. It's also what makes scribing a natural fit for Danish business. 'There's a huge focus on design as a main export of Denmark, and using design thinking in EVERYTHING,' explains Sidsel. 'It's a type of creative problem solving that really goes hand-in-hand with visual tools such as scribing and sketchnoting.' 
Design thinking is all about prototyping ideas fast, and meeting failures as quickly as possible, in order to arrive quickly at genuinely innovative ideas. Visually recording this process highlights obstacles and potential pitfalls on the way.


Scriberia overseas: Our scribes, Jess and Julia, are now based in Scotland

The Scriberia studio might be 400+ miles from Scotland, but with a number of our illustrators (and one of our creative directors) hailing from north of the border, it never feels very far away. Our scribes are dispatched to Scotland on such a regular basis that it is no surprise that two of them have fallen for its charms.
'I've always loved scribing in Scotland, capturing content for a really diverse and dynamic collection of organisations,' says Jess. 'I'm really looking forward to being a part of the conversations taking place up there.' The demand for visual storytelling with our northern friends shows no sign of slowing down.
'There's definitely an increasing interest in visual communication in cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow,' adds Julia. 'They've both got thriving tech scenes, and Edinburgh recently beat London to be crowned the best city in the UK to launch a start-up. It feels like the place to be.'

It's as Jess says: 'Wherever we are in the world, if there's content, scribing will bring that content to life.' If you'd like to know more about how our increasingly international team can help you, get in touch