QED: Question, explore, discover... and scribe

QED (Question, Explore, Discover) is a two-day event on science, reason and skepticism. With a wealth of speakers and events, it's a showcase of science communication and critical thinking at its best. Our scribe, Matt, headed to Manchester for the 2017 QED Conference with the hope to capture it all... and after four gruelling, mind-expanding days of scribing and digital scribing, he very nearly did!

Amongst countless names on the bill, Anthony Warner, the man behind The Angry Chef blog, explained the complexities of the obesity epidemic and the problem with weight stigma; author of The Code Book, Simon Singh, discussed the history of codes and codebreaking, from the Ancient Egyptians to the Internet; James Ball, Buzzfeed journalist, dissected our problem with fake news and how to fight back; while Forbes journalist, Kavin Senapathy, discussed whether GMO is a social justice issue; Phil Scraton, criminologist and Hillsborough campaigner, gave a moving talk on the Hillsborough tragedy, reflecting on the long and rocky road to truth; and physicist and oceanographer, Helen Czerski, spoke on the future of our oceans.

Here are just a few of Matt's many highlights. 


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