Hardworking pictures: The mother-tongue for many

Scriberia hardworking illustration Brunetti Blood

I'm guessing, if your arms were cut off in some tragic accident, your first thought probably would not be to scrape your gums against the sidewalk in order to create a comic strip with your own blood. 

But, this fantastically disturbing quote from cartoonist, Ivan Brunetti, is a valuable lesson in visual thinking and hardworking pictures for two reasons. First, it reminds us that, while we might not consider pictures to be our own mother-tongue - it is for some.

When it comes to visuals most of us are more literate than we are articulate - happy to process information in visual form, but a little less comfortable with expressing our own ideas that way. But, in every classroom and every place of work, there will be people at either extreme of the visual/verbal spectrum, and everywhere in between. And, as a result, effective communication demands pictures. 

We also love this quote because we know the image of a bloody-mouthed, bobble-hatted cartoonist, scraping their message on the pavement won't be easily forgotten. And that, in itself, is proof of the power of visual thinking. 

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