It's tough to generate ideas and work creatively when you're under pressure. But when Scriberia's Academy team joined content agency, MediaCom, for a recent away-day workshop, they proved that pen and paper is the perfect prescription. 

MediaCom are a content and connections agency, who specialise in optimising communications systems for their clients. Crucial to their work is the ability to generate and communicate creative ideas at pace; two skill sets that benefit hugely from visual thinking. They asked us to run a How to Draw workshop at their company away-day.

With over 130 MediaCom staff taking part, Scriberia's workshop dream-team - creative directors Dan and Chris, Head of Academy Cathy Haynes and Sophie Smiles - were all on hand to run the session. They began, as always, by introducing the group to their trusty visual alphabet; 12 simple squiggles that can be arranged and re-arranged to draw literally anything.

The group got to work using these shapes to draw different scenes. The aim of the session was not to produce beautiful works of art, but to find the simplest, clearest way of drawing their scene, with as little detail as possible.


They were then tasked with using their new drawing superpowers to make the invisible (such as X-rays, emotions, levitation) visible in their drawings. The group did a fantastic job of selecting some really ingenious visual cues to represent the invisible forces at work in their pictures. Highlights include a woman plagued with a virus, a student haunted at night by their student debt, and a seriously stressed-out surgeon.

Rich Beecroft, Strategist - Associate Director at MediaCom, says: 'Dan and the Scriberia team were parachuted into the end-half of a big department away-day. They did a fantastic job of gear-shifting the afternoon away from a conference environment and into a fun and interactive workshop.

'It was no mean feat to corral such an unwieldy group but the team were brilliant at raising the energy in the room, navigating everyone through a series of hands-on exercises that built on their collective confidence as visual thinkers.

'Capturing ideas is a really important part of the Mediacom planning. And, so, raising everyone's confidence in visual thinking is invaluable to us. The feedback from the session was nothing but positive, and we're now exploring follow-up opportunities with Scribera to encourage our team to continue honing their visualisation skills.'