Hardworking pictures: Make sense

Scriberia hardworking illustration Rohde

If you're familiar with our work, perhaps you first saw us working as scribes at a live event. Though we have a fair few other strings to our bow, these days  (and you can find all of our services here), scribing remains as popular as ever. 

That's because, acting as a giant, memorable, shareable sketchnote for everyone in the room (and everyone who couldn't be there), scribing is a uniquely powerful method of capturing and organising information in a way that makes sense to everyone.

What Mike Rohde, author of The Sketchnote Handbook says of sketchnotes, holds true for scribing and all sorts of methods of graphic recording: a focus on big ideas enables you to see what matters, spot patterns and make connections.

And, if you're able to make your own sketchnotes, or be your own scribe, the benefits are even greater. The act of creating them - of listening, editing, analysing, and translating into pictures - will greatly enhance your own engagement and understanding of the subject. 

If you want to learn more about the power of hardworking pictures, visit ourAcademy page. It's full of visual thinking tips and the latest from our workshops team. Or experience the extraordinary problem-solving power of pictures by checking your team into a bespoke Inktank workshop.