Lessons from a hampered hand


Can you improve your drawing skills by wearing an oven glove? Or drawing behind you using a mirror?

That’s the whacky proposal we put to participants at the first in our series of Ink, Think and Drink events last week. This sociable workshop is for non-artists who want to test themselves with the kind of games we play to keep our minds and pens lively at Scriberia. And while the glove-and-mirror experiment is a fun and ridiculous way to get to know each other, it’s not just a nutty idea.

If you’ve been a participant in Scriberia’s Academy workshops or read our book How to Draw Anything, you’ll know we believe that communicating well with pictures is more about thinking clearly than fancy penmanship. As our creative directors Dan and Chris say, it’s not about creating works of art but art that works. So when your hand is hampered from flowing with its usual flourishes, you’re forced to be super strategic about the marks you make. If you’re under time pressure, too, you’re pushed to get the most out of the simplest shapes. We’re not recommending you do it all the time, of course, but occasionally playing with drawing constraints like this may help you sharpen how you think.

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