Lessons from the scribing wall

As an illustration agency, of sorts, we have a bunch of exceptionally talented freelance artists, from London and beyond, in the Scriberia stable. Every now and then, we get them all together to share stories from the inky coalface, and knock their creative heads together.

It’s like a mini-conference, held in the workshop space of our Kings Cross studio. We present, we listen, we play around with new ideas, and, of course, we give it the old graphic facilitation treatment with a glorious piece of scribing, to be shared with all of the attendees afterwards. We practice what we preach, you know.

scriberia graphic facilitation

In any given year, our team will scribe the four corners of the world, in a huge array of weird and wonderful circumstances. Jack recalled scribing in a dark basement; Rachel in a glass box surrounded by flamingoes; Clarice, Mathieu and Somang threw themselves and their pens into an immersive theatre experience in an ice grotto with fortune telling and singing chefs. There really is no such thing as a run-of-the-mill job for us lot. 

Studio staffer and super-scribe, Matt, gave his critique of three recent pieces of work - giving us all a valuable chance to learn from the best amongst us, and progress together. At Scriberia the ability to critique our own work, and each others’, is a highly valued skill; one that's critical to any creative business intent on maintaining the highest standards under pressure.

Next, creative director, Chris, challenged us all with a workshop in character creation. When you’re striving to create a bespoke piece of scribing that is bursting with energy, the characters that live within it can help you achieve just that. We looked at some beautiful examples of character drawing from the world of illustration and animation, and discussed ways of making characters fit for purpose. It will be great to see how this feeds into the practice of our talented team, when their finished work arrives back at the studio.

Our gathering concluded with a quickfire character drawing exercise – with only a minute to design and draw a character the results ranged from the profound to the concerning. After the obligatory gathering drinks, one by one the scribes peeled away to their corners of the city. It’s always a privilege to gather such an array of talented artists under one roof, and we look forward to the next meeting with great anticipation.