How to maximise the value of your animated explainer video

More often than not, when a client commissions a new animated explainer video, they do it with a single purpose in mind. 'It's for our website,'... 'It's for the launch of a new campaign,'... 'It's to set the agenda at our upcoming conference'.

That's great. But Scriberia is the home of hardworking pictures - and the reason we call ourselves that, is because we know that every piece of work we create; every illustration and every animation; has an important job to do. And, we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't make sure that every client that invests in us, understands just how hard their lovely new animated assets can - and should - work for them.

Any animation you commission from us can - we promise - be more valuable to you, than you'd ever have thought. Nothing pleases us more than seeing one of our animations worked to the bone. So, here is our guide to all the ways you can use an animation we create for you, and maximise its value to your business or organisation.

Set out your stall online

Scriberia Animation Explainer Video Hardworking Pictures

It has been said that your website should be your hardest working employee. Always on and ever-ready to spread the word to every passer-by.

And there's a reason why animation has been identified as the hottest trend in web content. There's nothing quite like it when it comes to capturing and keeping the attention of a passing audience. And according to a report from KPCB, online video will account for 74% of all online traffic in 2017.

For that reason, embedded explainer animations - on homepages and strategic landing pages - which smartly and succinctly translate what a company or campaign is all about make a memorable and highly favourable first impression.


Live events

Scriberia Animation Explainer Video Hardworking Pictures

A hardworking animation can have impact across a number of different events, large and small.

At an exhibition stand, animated explainer videos will ensure that you make a big impact in a small space, helping you pull in the crowds and get yourself noticed.

At a conference, animation is effective in both opening and closing sessions; it catches peoples attention, immediately puts everyone on the same page, and makes a lasting impression on your audience.

But if you're looking for something on an even larger scale, animated explainer videos can carry their weight at festivals, launches, parties, too. Our animation for Action for Children was launched at Glastonbury last year, and used a bold graphic style to appeal to a main-stage-sized crowd.

Scriberia Animation Explainer Video Hardworking Pictures


Much of the design work we create for animation can be repurposed and repackaged into a huge range of additional assets that can do a number of additional jobs for you. And all with a consistent look and feel.

You might need a logo for your new campaign, some stills for a new website, or a set of illustrated assets for a presentation deck; whatever it is, we can help multiply your animation into a number of additional assets.

Take AltForest for example: We not only produced for them an animated explainer video to launch their campaign, we also designed their logo and provided them with a series of stills for their digital platforms.


Scriberia Animation Explainer Video Hardworking Pictures

Social media is the new frontier in communication. And with many platforms tipping in the favour of video, animated explainer videos are the perfect way to get yourself noticed in a busy social stream.

According to a report from Brightcove, different animated content works well on different social platforms; educational videos that spread awareness get traction on Twitter, while videos that evoke emotion and build community are more likely to go viral on Facebook, and the trusty 'how to' tutorial video still reigns on YouTube.

Whichever one of these you're looking for, we'll not only provide you with a highly shareable animation that fits the bill, but we can also cut your favourite moments into bite-sized teaser clips; perfect for a digital audience.

And if you're looking to stay ahead of the curve with your digital communications, we can also create a series of animated GIFs (you can see a selection of our work here). They might capture, for instance, each key point from your animated explainer, which can then be shared far and wide online, or incorporated in presentation slides.

Not only will your audience love your animated content, but the algorithms of Facebook and the like will love it, too.

Scriberia Animation Explainer Video Hardworking Pictures

Posters and prints

Because video content is often consumed without sound on social media, many of the explainer animations we produce tell their stories without a voiceover.

Our 60 Second Climate Fix series for the Guardian is a great example of this; every scene has a poster-like quality. They can stand alone or join together to make a broader point.

And you can be as creative as you like with your posters and prints. Collins Dictionary even used the final illustration from our animated scribe as wrapping paper for a limited edition of their new dictionary.


Scriberia Animation Explainer Video Hardworking Pictures

When you've gone to the trouble of setting out your vision in a beautiful animation, why not make that vision part of your workspace? Your animation can be the basis of a mural or rich picture, powerfully connecting you and your team to its message every day.

A mural offers a permanent reminder of all the key points from your animation, firmly imprinting it in your company culture, and inspiring both your team and your clients.

And we can also turn your animation into a rich picture, illustrating all of its intricate detail into an image that can be shared both digitally and in print.


Scriberia Animation Explainer Video Hardworking Pictures

You know what they say: Behind every great explainer animation is a hardworking script that speaks with care and clarity. (Well, if they don't, they should - because it's absolutely true).

Our scriptwriting team work hard with clients to hone the tone and message of every animation. Our process ensures that, as well as a beautiful animation, you'll have some really concise and compelling messaging.

And this can help you to stay on message wherever you tell your story; from interviews to articles to website copy.

For more information on how to make your animated explainer video work for your business, get in touch with Karen, our animation producer.