How to maximise event participation

The best event planners know that the best events aren’t for attendees, they’re about them: they know the best events empower and transform attendees by maximising their engagement and participation.


They know that when a conference or event ends, every attendee should walk away with something truly valuable. As nice as your branded pens may be, what they really want is valuable knowledge, fresh perspectives, strong relationships and, best of all, a sense that they’ve achieved something.

After years of bringing our creative services to live events, and listening to what event planners and their attendees want, Scriberia has developed a range of live event workshops that can help to achieve exactly this. In all of our workshops, we share our expertise as visual thinkers to give groups of all sizes the skills they need to solve problems and work together, in new and creative ways.

 Though every workshop is underpinned by Scriberia’s visual-thinking methodology, they are flexible and adaptable to specific needs, themes, spaces and budgets. Whether you’re a group of five or 150, workshops are devised by our Academy team to meet your exact requirements, bringing attendees together in fun, interactive, highly relevant sessions that put their ideas and creativity at the heart of the event.

Our workshops also help spark new ideas, so an event’s content isn’t just delivered but it grows and becomes richer through the creative participation of its attendees.
— Dan Porter, co-founder, Scriberia

In Zurich, we helped delegates create their own superhero alter-egos to identify and deal with their toughest challenges in the real-life workplace. In Copenhagen, at Merck-Serono's Realize conference, we enabled teams to visualise a successful year ahead, by illustrating their Christmas newsletter - a whole year in advance.


Research shows that drawing has a powerful effect on your engagement with any subject. “Whether you're good at drawing or not doesn't matter - the simple act of attempting to draw something will help dramatically help you to remember it,” says Scriberia co-founder, Dan. “It forces people to engage with information in a different way, asking them to consider it more deeply and to take more ownership over it. Drawing activities fire up parts of the brain that just don't get simulated by typical one-way presentations.

“Our workshops also help spark new ideas, so an event's content isn't just delivered but it grows and becomes richer through the creative participation of its attendees.”

So, if you want to break the ice, raise the roof, inspire, empower and transform your attendees, let us devise the perfect workshop to maximize event participation.

Discover how visuals can enhance your live event, every step of the way.

        - Maximise the impact of your pre-event campaigns
        - Increase participation and engagement at your event
        - Give your content life and purpose after your event