How to enhance your event with visuals

If you're looking to bring your next event to life, scribing, sketchnoting and animation are brilliant tools for extending your reach and impact, both during and after your event.

An annual business conference and a summer festival might sound worlds apart. But, in our experience, events of all kinds can be brought to life with the power of pictures.

Whatever your event, whatever its aims, scribing, sketchnoting and animation are tried-and-tested methods for engaging your audience, extending your reach, and aligning everyone behind one vision.

But it's important to understand the benefits of each, to really get the most out of them. So here's our quick guide. 


Scribing? What’s that then? If you don’t already know, scribing is a live form of visual content capture. (It's also known as graphic recording or graphic facilitation in some quarters). While your event takes place, our scribes put pen to paper, inking all the best bits onto the scribing wall.

Scribing has crowd-pulling power. It gets people talking and we guarantee you’ll hear a chorus of ‘wows’ from your audience during and after the event.

Because of this, scribing is fantastic at encouraging audience interaction. And this was particularly true for Remploy’s event in 2015, where employees and stakeholders came together to discuss the future of the organisation following its new venture with MAXIMUS. We were tasked with capturing thoughts from both groups. As crowds of guests formed around the artwork, scribing proved the perfect listening tool.

Your event may have ended, but the benefits of scribing live on. The final artwork is a lasting, shareable document. You might use it to reach out to those who couldn’t attend the event, or as a reminder to those who could. We can also crop the artwork into a range of assets for brochures, presentations, branding, whatever it is you need.

If you’re looking for something on a smaller scale, we offer digital scribing on an iPad, as well as sketchnotes (a.k.a mini-scribes), which are drawn on the artist's lap, or on a digital tablet. Both options capture the big ideas at small scale, with huge impact.


If you've seen our award-winning animations before, but never thought them applicable to a live event setting, think again.

An animation can be the perfect way to set the tone of your event, introduce main themes, set out your agenda, or summarise the context. 

But in addition, we offer 'live animation', too - a truly innovative and exclusively Scriberian service, we believe - which uses digitally scribed highlights of your event as the basis of an animation, to summarise the event in time for its finale. The video above is the live animation output from Off Grid's 2016 ideas festival - take a look. It brought an exciting end to a brilliant event. 

Immediately after the event, you'll have a shareable animated document of your content, that can be circulated far and wide. As more and more digital platforms tip in the favour of video, animated content is a great way to boost your reach and audience interaction after the event has taken place.


Interactive workshops are a brilliant way to get people’s visual thinking hats on. You might want to solve a problem, encourage interaction, or simply add some extra creativity to your event. Whatever you're looking for, we can help you devise a theme and structure for a unique workshop experience.

And it can be as imaginative as you like. We once hosted a superhero-themed workshop at a client’s event in Zurich, where participants made their very own comics, complete with organisation-specific heroes and villains. They then created fictional narratives to help them solve real problems within the workplace.

Another time, we delivered a visual thinking session as way of concluding Merck-Serono's 'Realize' conference in Copenhagen. Delegates reflected on the most valuable insights of the event with fun drawing activities. After which, we asked them to illustrate Christmas newsletters a whole year early, helping them plot targets for the coming year.

Workshops are the perfect way to break the ice, gain insight and make a lasting impression.


A bespoke installation can take your event to new creative heights. If you’re looking to break the mould, we can help create a tailor-made visual experience.

And that we did at Cannes Lions’ 2016 EuroBest, where we tasked our scribes with building a physical wall of content on a stack of cardboard boxes. It proved a great way for our scribes to arrange and re-arrange content as they visualised each talk. And, needless to say, their ‘next level’ scribing made quite the impression in the Twittersphere and beyond.

We always seize the opportunity to think outside of the box (allow us this cliché, it is relevant!). So, if you’re looking for a truly original installation idea, just ask us to put our minds to it. We love a creative challenge.

End-to-end event design

Planning an event is stressful at the best of times. Let us absorb some of the pressure. Our end-to-end design covers all visual aspects of an event, from branding, to live visual capture, to whatever else you need.

Consistency across visuals is the glue that holds an event together. And this was certainly the case at global pharmaceutical company Lundbeck’s Century of the Mind conference back in 2015. We helped Lundbeck create a coherent set of visuals, including a short introductory animation, a live digital scribe, and a world first live animation.

We worked closely with Lundbeck, using existing brand colours and concepts to create a seamless experience across all branded elements.

Martin Jensen, Head of Global Congress & Events at Lundbeck, says: 'From our first conversation, we were reassured that Scriberia understood what we wanted: a consistency in visuals, that would carry through the entire conference, bringing coherence to the event as a whole.

'We were keen to push Scriberia to the very limits of what they thought was possible, on a technical level, to achieve something truly ground-breaking. They responded with enthusiasm and an innovative solution that hit the brief.'

For more information on what hardworking pictures can do for your live event, take a look at our scribing, sketchnoting and animation pages, or get in touch with Emily, our live events producer.