How to draw... Easter bunnies!

Welcome to this very special edition of How To Draw. We thought it was about time we added a lovely little bunny to the repertoire of creatures How To Draw hall of fame... and by hoppy coincidence, it's Easter! 

So why not have a crack at this egg-laden (and, somewhat unusually) egg-laying bunny. All you need to remember is that bunny begins with 'B' and the rest is easy. 

We hope it, and all the rest of the series, inspires you to pick up a pen and put your drawing skills to the test.

Here at Scriberia we believe that visual thinking is the key to more creative, productive, and enjoyable working. And we know you don't need to be a brilliant artist to sketch the outline of a brilliant idea.

Our Academy is dedicated to sharing the skills you need to become more visually articulate, improving your ability to solve problems, gain fresh perspectives and communicate clearly in the process. 

So, before you claim that you can't draw for toffee, take 30 seconds out to watch this lovely new animation (a more tactile take on whiteboard animation) designed to prove you wrong!