Hardworking pictures: Drawing on your momentum

Scriberia hardworking pic Brunetti

Picking up your pencil to draw might feel as daunting as getting on your bike for the first time in years. But buried deep in your brain you have all the long-forgotten skills you need to master it. 

And what's more, you can build your stamina and skill for visual thinking and expression in the same way you can develop your physical fitness. So, before long, your uphill struggle will feel easy, enjoyable and hugely rewarding. (Yep, we're going to work this metaphor harder than a middle-aged banker in his weekly spin class!). 

Just like cycling, drawing requires perseverance and tenacity. The cyclist must keep pedalling to reach the top of the hill, just as the artist must keep drawing to build enough momentum to reach their creative peak.

But, put the brakes on your creative process for too long and your creative cogs will decelerate. After all, as American cartoonist Ivan Brunetti says: 'Drawing is a bicycle, not a car.' Picking up that pencil again becomes a much harder task once your momentum has been lost. So, as Brunetti says: 'Never stop drawing. If you do, you'll never start again.'

Get yourself in the fast lane and see where it takes you. 

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