Hardworking pictures: As personal as handwriting

Scriberia hardworking illustration Wiggan

So many people say they can't draw. But how many of us would say we can't write? Not many (let's hope)!

The chances are, you've been holding a pen and forming legible shapes, ever since you were a pre-schooler. You don't break into a sweat every time you have to write a shopping list or provide a signature. But drawing feels different, unfamiliar, scary even. 

So, let's take two things from the wisdom of Mark Wigan, artist, illustrator and author of Text and Image (illustrated by us, above). First, let's acknowledge the link between writing and drawing. If you've mastered the alphabet, you have an amazing set of building blocks with which to create simple drawings. Play around with those shapes and see what you can turn them into. Let the alphabet, and the simple shapes it contains, be your comfort zone until you're ready to branch out. (Maybe take a look at our How To Draw Easter Bunnies video, for inspiration). 

Then, as you gain in confidence, look again at your handwriting. Think about your style, and what makes it yours. Is it the slant, the loops, the spikes, or the weight of your pen on the page? Then look at the way you draw, and ask yourself how you could make it truly yours. 

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