60 seconds to save the world

Earlier this summer The Guardian asked us to create a series of short animations, with the aim of exploding a few myths and explaining a few lesser-known facts around climate change. 

The 60 Second Climate Fix series was precisely the sort of brief we love to get our teeth into. Not only did it give us plenty of scope for packing a visual punch, but it was also a chance to prove our long-held theory that animation has an important role to play in the future of digital news media.

Turns out China is not such a bad guy when it comes to CO2 emissions.

Turns out China is not such a bad guy when it comes to CO2 emissions.

Their crack team of environment and multimedia specialists (Karl MathiesonNabeelah ShabbirPascal Wyse and Paul Boyd) worked closely with us as we storyboarded, and then produced, five minute-long narratives to maximum effect. Then, throughout June and July, the animations were released via the Guardian's website, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. And, the viewing figures were pretty fantastic. 

In total, the series received in excess of 31,00 views on YouTube, but that's nothing compared to its Facebook performance. "Do you have to be a vegan to fix the climate?" - the third instalment of the series - clocked up almost 1.5 million views in its first 48 hours online, as well as more than 11,600 likes and 19,000 shares. 

All of the animations, but most notably the vegan one, achieved real engagement with their audiences. By challenging existing perceptions around the environmental cost of the world's voracious appetite for meat, for instance, they sparked debate (and a fair bit of controversy, too) around the world.  

For our part, it was, once again, a pleasure to work with the Guardian. The paper's commitment to breaking new ground in digital news media has given us a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate just how much can be achieved when great journalists and great animators put their heads together. You can see more examples of past work on our animation page. 

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, here's the Climate Fix series in its full glory. Now put down that burger and pick up a bucket of fried chicken - the world will thank you.