Drawn into the debate

Scriberia debate highlights

At Scriberia, we do what we do to make information clearer, more memorable and more accessible. So, if you spent the whole of last week’s seven-way leaders’ debate wondering when it was going to get interesting, you should have got yourself on Twitter and followed the action here in the studio.

With televised debates fast becoming a cornerstone of general election campaign season, we couldn’t resist putting our skills to the test in bringing the debate - and the public response to it – to life in real time (or as close to real time as we could manage).

So, at 8 o clock on Thursday night, as the nation settled onto their sofas for an evening of Gogglebox-style TV heckling, a team of seasoned scribes - beer in one hand, pen in the other - stepped up to the scribing wall with the aim of capturing the best debate reaction that Twitter had to offer, under the hashtag #battlelines.

More like a game of professional Pictionary than a serious attempt at documenting the issues at hand, we had a pizza-fuelled, laughter-filled evening here. The resulting work – some more successful than others – added a new dimension to the debate, pleasing our loyal twitter followers and winning us a few new ones.

So here’s a recap of the night’s highlights, as drawn by us, and a promise that we’ll be back for more come April 16th. Follow the fun on twitter @Scriberian!