Drawing on history: A sketchnote journey down A Bitter Road

When the road ahead looks difficult, pictures can be a useful way to plot your course. And through scribing and sketchnoting, our hardworking pictures help to steer clients through all kinds of journeys; some smooth, some bumpy. 

But when our illustrator, Pearl, went to the Wiener Library's exhibition, A Bitter Road, and sketchnoted the refugee crisis of the 1930s and '40s, she charted a journey that was both literal and metaphorical.

Looking at the journeys of Jewish refugees in Britain at that time, it asked: what can we learn from their experiences that could help refugees today?

Drawing on a tragic chapter of history, Pearl produced a superb set of sketchnotes that bring to life stories from decades ago, to highlight their relevance and resonance today. 

Pearl says: 'I chose a landscape sketchpad, that unfolds with every story, to represent the long journey taken by the refugees. The end result is a bit like a visual map, with important stories plotted along the way.'