David Bowie: 8 January, 1947 - 10 January, 2016

A genius, a visionary, an icon, an artist, a star, a trailblazer... and, this week, very sadly, David Bowie became the first entry into the 2016 Scribituary gallery.  Below, as we take a new approach to Scribituaries for 2016, is a small series of animated GIFs celebrating his life, his unique outlook, and his impact. 

A Scribituary is Scriberia’s own take on the obituary, and they give us a chance to do what we do best. As a specialist animationgraphic facilitation and illustration agency, we believe in the power of pictures to tell stories and connect people to content and its context.

A life, illustrated in a way that balances fact with feeling, and story with style, is the ultimate challenge for us as visual storytellers. 

The full Scribituary series, featuring animation and illustration, is available here.