Creativity doesn't have to be expensive

These days, it’s often assumed that creativity and innovation can only be achieved through new and extravagant technologies.

But living in a society where your brand new iPhone is probably already out-of-date, keeping up with technology is easier said than done. Although fascinating, digital trends are constantly changing, and few budgets can afford to pioneer every new and soon-to-fizzle fad.

Thankfully, if you're hoping to inspire creative and innovative thinking, tried and tested techniques here really is no need to lavish vast amounts of your budget on it. There's nothing wrong with going back to basics. We've said it before and we'll say it again: The simplest solutions are often the most effective.

We recently sent our scribes Matt and Lauren, and our head of creative collaboration, Sophie, to a Creative Content and Event Technology workshop hosted by BCD Meetings & Event. They invited more than 30 event industry professionals to share their ways of being creative on limited budgets.

The majority of attendees said, typically, they would spend less than 30 per cent of an event budget on creative aspects. But, that it was crucial to make that 30 per cent work hard. 

They discussed how simply playing around with the structure of an event or making better use of older technology can produce truly innovative results on the day.

In tune with the workshop’s main theme, our scribes took the group back to basics with some good old pen and paper scribing, and threw in a little iPad scribing, too - technology has its place, after all. They captured the day's content visually and, as always, it proved a highly effective way to spark conversations and enhance audience engagement. 

Philip Duffy, Event Business Development Director at BCD Meetings & Events, says, ‘For a couple of scribes to come along, spend two hours capturing the session and then leave us with a canvas and a collection of digital images that told our story - it's exactly what we were talking about: high-impact and low-cost.

'Working with Scriberia was an ideal way to demonstrate that there are simple things you can do on a modest budget to make an event more engaging and bring the content to life. And they can have a really dramatic impact on guest experience.'

Though we'll always enjoy the ever-growing possibilities that technology offers us, it's good to remind ourselves that shiny gadgets and lightening fast broadband are not a guaranteed path to innovation. As well as being highly valuable, creative thinking, like all the best things in life, is free. And the tools you need to nurture it shouldn't cost the earth either.