Capturing Cannes 2017

The superyachts have left the port, our scribes have returned home, and Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is over for another a year. If you were there, or if you follow our social streams, you'll have noticed that the place was positively packed with scribing and illustration by the Scriberia team.

In a fantastic week of thought-provoking talks and inspiring debates, our team of scribes were there to capture all of the best bits; live-scribing events, visualising Cannes Lions School seminars, and even featuring in a fantastic panel on visual languages online. Here's how they got on.

Rupert, who was a key part of our team at Cannes' sister festival, Eurobest, was commissioned to draw over 100 illustrations for the festival. His beautiful portraits and lifelike reportage drawings adorned everything from murals to water bottles. Even we were blown away by the impact of his work, when we finally got to see it on site. 

If you thought 30-degree heat could stifle our team's scribing-stamina, think again.

Our creative directors, Dan and Chris, later joined by scribe, Lauren, digitally scribed a number of key events throughout the week; including a talk from the New Yorker's David Remnick about fake news, a debate on the changing face of original content hosted by YouTube, and a BBC panel about new-gen storytelling.

Lauren also shared some video-capture of her digital scribing in progress, and annotated some of Rupert's superb portraits in the style of Eurobest.

In addition, Dan took a break from consuming all the insights on offer to give a few of his own, taking part in a panel on trends in visual languages online.

Reflecting on lessons learned through experience here at Scriberia, Dan discussed the impact and shareability of animated GIFs, like the ones we made for Pottermore, and hand-drawn images, like the many sketchbook doodles and storyboard snippets we share on our own social media. We'll be posting the video link to the panel as soon as it goes live on the Cannes website.

Meanwhile, Matt and Somang were stationed at the Cannes Lions School, where industry names shared their pearls of wisdom with up-and-coming talents of the ad world.

Faced with a giant wall, our scribes got to work, diving in and out of seminars and talks from the likes of Oglivy's Khai Thai Meng, Ryan Seacrest and Sir John Hegarty, to name a few.

Matt and Lauren attended some Night School sessions, too, where more playful and experimental creative sessions took place. Or as Matt describes it: 'The Night School was a bit like the day school's cheeky little brother; it was all about letting your hair down, and embracing fast creativity on the fly.'

Their speedy visualisations helped conversations and ideas flow, as teams competed to think of the most ideas for a range of different and challenging campaigns.