Back to the day jobs...

No more debates, no more leaflets through the door, no more politicians declaring, “We’ve been very clear about this…” directly before saying something that makes no sense at all. The election is definitely over.

It’s probably too soon to say that the dust has settled after the shock result a couple of weeks ago. But a fortnight, as someone might have said, is a long time in politics; leaders have fallen (and risen again in the case of UKIP’s messiah), post-mortems carried out, recriminations made, and hats thrown into the ring.

After a campaign that many described as the most boring they could remember, perhaps it’s fair to say that the week that followed the election, has been more interesting than any that preceded it.

But here at Scriberia, we’ve got to say, we’re a little bit sad to see the back of Election 2015. For us, the run up to election day was an opportunity to experiment and explore the ways in which our skills can make important (but, let’s face it, not always fascinating) information a little easier to engage with.

We love to work with content that really sings, but we know that, as scribes, we really prove our worth when we turn something dry and seemingly dull, into something that really strikes a chord with the audience. There may have been a few more faces in the race this year, but that wasn’t enough to pique the interest of the average Emmerdale fan.

So, on April 2, when the seven leaders of the major parties took to the debating stage, we embarked on our mission to make the election more fun. Debate by debate, we changed our approach – taking note of what works and what doesn’t when you apply what we do, to a fast-moving news event. (And we’ll be posting our analysis of that, soon). But, we ended this endeavour on election night itself, at a party hosted by our near neighbours and new friends, the Knowledge Quarter. With a combination of live scribing, and specially designed, illustrated displays – we provided both an interesting and an interactive backdrop, that was tweetable, shareable and (we hope!) a lot of fun for everyone who attended.

Jodie Eastwood, Knowledge Quarter Project Manager, said:

Scriberia’s live illustration was truly a canvas for conversation at the Knowledge Quarter event General Election Live! Their unique method of articulating a wide variety of comments, ideas and opinions in a memorable and playful way generated exciting and engaging content for the evening, which really kept the attention our attendees.