International Women's Day 2017

In a studio packed with brilliant, creative women, it's a source of real pride that, in the last 12 months, our scribes have captured so many important conversations on women's issues and the promotion of equality. 

So, we were delighted to attend Camden Council's event on International Women's Day 2017, celebrating local women in the creative industries, and create a lasting, shareable document of the day. 

The line-up saw talks from women's theatre company, Clean Break, and architect and Olympian, Sadie Morgan. We enjoyed a performance from local poet, Nelissa Mendy, and words of wisdom from Tinu Alikkor, creator of the Baby Point app. And, in one particularly strange twist, we found ourselves scribing a live drawing performance by Lisa Gornick impressive drawing performance. 

Our visualiser, Sara, spent the day capturing the amazing achievements of Camden's creative women. And the final wall of sketchnotes proved the perfect way to celebrate.