Hardworking pictures: Every adult is an artist

Scriberia Hardworking pic every child picasso

From finger painting to building dens, the creative capacity of a child's mind is unbridled. Broomsticks transform into flying rockets and forks morph into aeroplanes in a world unrestricted by reality.

But at a certain age, it's expected that we leave behind the wild depths of our imaginations in pursuit of adulthood. Flying broomsticks and outside adventures are unjustly exchanged for demanding jobs and stifling spreadsheets.

However, here at Scriberia, we're not convinced by this correlation. Far from being the final chapter of our creative lives, childhood should be just the beginning. Whatever your chosen discipline, there are myriad ways you can tap into your youthful imagination throughout your life.

In fact, we believe that the most complex of 'adult' problems are best tackled through the creative problem solving you were probably pretty good at as a child. By thinking visually, you'll find yourself thinking laterally, and will be amazed by your ability to find fresh perspectives on old problems. 

So, your days of aeroplane-fork hybrids might be over, but if you step away from that spreadsheet you'll find that your creative self is still alive and kicking.  

If you want to learn more about the power of hardworking pictures, visit our Academy page. It's full of visual thinking tips and the latest from our workshops team. Or experience the extraordinary problem-solving power of pictures by checking your team into a bespoke Inktank workshop.