Rio heroes

The Olympics never fails to deliver tales of triumph, heroism and great drama. Just as we did when the Olympics were on our doorstep in 2012, we set ourselves the task of capturing a little of that Olympic spirit, and sharing it with millions around the world, who, like us, are glued to the Games. 

Scriberia Rio Hero Kieran Behan

Irish gymnast, Kieran Behan's journey to Rio was full of potentially career-ending set-backs. His courage and determination in the face of adversity made him a Olympic hero, win or lose. 

Scriberia Rio Hero David Florence

A more light-hearted story than some of the others in this series, but nonetheless an important one - athletes' parents often make Olympian efforts of their own to help their kids reach the top of their game.  

Scriberia Rio hero ibtihaj muhhamad

Ibtihaj Muhammed's story is such an important one in the current political climate. As her country grapples with the power of prejudice in the run up to the 2016 elections, Muhammed's actions speak louder than words.