Hardworking pictures: Practice wider than your discipline

We all strive to be the best at our chosen disciplines. Athletes train hard for upcoming competitions, just as city suits work diligently for promotions.

However, at Scriberia, we know it can be all too easy to suffer from a case of tunnel-vision. That's why we recognise the value of exploring alternative mediums to tease out potential.

Whether you're a banker, builder or ballet dancer, practicing new and untouched disciplines can inject a refreshing lease of life into your work. Picking up a pencil may help to solve your business query, whilst exercise can be the remedy for writer's block.

Take inspiration from Patti Smith; a talented photographer as well as a globally recognised punk poet. Or theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, who is lesser known for his love of the violin.

Creative problem solving expands horizons, helping you to find the answers you've been searching for in unexpected places. Next time you hit a wall, why not try out a new discipline and see where it takes you?

If you want to learn more about the power of hardworking pictures, visit our Academy page. It's full of visual thinking tips and the latest from our workshops team. Or experience the extraordinary problem-solving power of pictures by checking your team into a bespoke Inktank workshop.