Action for Children and an audience of 200 million!

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Animation has the power to reach people and tell stories like no other medium. 

It's estimated that when Action for Children launched their "I'm an Activist" campaign at Glastonbury Festival earlier this summer, the animation we created for them reached an audience of more than 200 million. 

Let's say that again. Two hundred million. 

Granted, those figures received a fairly hefty boost by the BBC's coverage of the event, in which the animation could be seen playing on the site's big screens, including behind the world famous Pyramid Stage. But what a fantastic result for this fantastic charity. 

There are 1.5 million disadvantaged children in Britain, and the work of Action for Children is vital in making them safer and more secure. We were delighted when our friends at  Neon Creative asked for our help in producing an animation for this truly life-changing charity.

The campaign focused on Harry, who was adopted at six years old, after a very difficult start in life. Now a happy, healthy 13-year-old, Harry and his family decided to embark on a 12-week adventure around the UK in a yacht to raise money and awareness for AfC.

The animation tells Harry and his family’s story, and links it to AfC, their donors, their volunteers and all the good work they do. After the event it was featured in Design Week's Inspiration section, too. 

Dana Robertson, creative director and founder of Neon, says: "The final animation is sensitively handled, emotive and indeed magical – which will help Action for Children give the magic of childhood to hundreds of disadvantaged kids across the UK.”

We wish Harry and his family the best of luck on their travels, and hope our animation continues to inspire support for the incredible work of Action for Children.