Hardworking pictures: Knowledge is beautiful

While infographics are really nothing new (after all, even Florence Nightingale understood the power of data visualisation), they have come into their own in the Internet age. When the world became deluged with data, the infographic became an indispensable tool for making accessible information that would otherwise have remained inaccessibly buried.

Data journalist, information designer, and author of the mesmerising Knowledge is BeautifulDavid McCandless is a master of the art. 

What we love about McCandless' work is summed up in the quote above. He gives physical structure to complex, abstract, information, making it so much easier to explore, comprehend and remember. And while our approach at Scriberia may be pretty different to his, we know that a piece of scribing, a set of sketchnotes, or even just a doodle on the back of an envelope, can pull off the same, valuable trick.  

McCandless explains that, once he has an in-depth understanding of the data, he's able to 'perceive its structure, its relationships, its significance relative to everything else' - and pass that knowledge onto others through his clean, graphic visualisations. 

It's proof of the power of pictures as a tool for communication. But don't forget, creating your own hard-working infographic or picture is an unbeatable way to get to grips with a subject. So, don't wait til you've got it all figured out, before you pick up a pen. Use your pen to push your thinking to the next level. 

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