The Visual Alphabet

The Visual Alphabet is such a neat trick. Just 12 simple squiggles which, between them, give us the power to draw anything. Anything? Anything!

The characters of this alphabet are so easy to draw, even the least confident creative can use them as building blocks for simple drawings, like this: 

Advocated the world over, by visual thinkers like us, The Doodle Revolution's Sunni Brown, and Xplaner Dave Gray: it's hard to beat the visual alphabet as an entry point to illustration. 

Don't believe us? Pick an object and take a few moments to study its form. Soon you'll see that, whatever it is, it can be pared down to a combination of characters, and drawn in a matter of moments. 

Once you're fluent in the visual alphabet, you can use it to translate your own ideas onto paper - empowered by the knowledge that you really can draw anything! A chair, a car, a sandwich? Give it a go. 

And, if you really want to hit your visual thinking stride, head to our Academy page for details of our next workshop. Or, check out our How to Draw series for more inspiration.