Hardworking pictures: A continuing process

If you've never learned to draw, don't worry: We haven't either. 

As Jack Southern says: "Learning to draw is a continuing process that always starts in a different place and follows neither a linear nor a sequential route."

Even great artists are never done learning. 

If you're keen to create your own hardworking pictures, and use visuals as part of your everyday process, there really is just one important lesson to learn and that's that there is no right or wrong, no start or finish.

All there are, are drawings: Drawings that turn out just as we planned, and drawings that have a life of their own. Drawings that make us laugh, that make us see things from a different perspective, that make sense of things and that make no sense at all. 

But every time you draw, you will learn something, gain something and make something new. 

If you want to learn more about the power of hardworking pictures, visit our Academy page. It's full of visual thinking tips and the latest from our workshops team. Or experience the extraordinary problem-solving power of pictures by checking your team into a bespoke Inktank workshop.