Joined Up Thinking


The World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Urban Infrastructure Initiative was a demonstration of what can be achieved when great minds get together to tackle great challenges.

Mobilising multi-sector expertise from 14 of the WBCSD’s member companies, the project put their heads together with leaders from 10 cities around the world, to help identify innovative and effective solutions for a sustainable future.

Our involvement began with illustrated presentation, which then formed the basis of an animation to accompany the UII’s final report in the Summer of 2014, summarising the project and its outcomes.

Matthew Lynch, Director of the Urban Infrastructure Initiative, who commissioned the work, says: 'We were very impressed by the speed with which Scriberia grasped the key principles of this complex project, and built a strong visual concept to fit the brief perfectly.

‘Although we're based in Switzerland, and Scriberia in London, it felt like a smooth and truly creative collaboration from start to finish. We were delighted with the outcome.'


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