It's catching...



Contagious have been a great client for us. They give us interesting, creative briefs, they generally leave us alone to crack on with them and when we’re done they even laugh at our jokes. 

This project has been a joy to work on, and one that reflects the flattering level of trust they have in us. With every issue of Contagious Magazine last year we produced a poster summary of its contents, a sort of illustrated mash-up of the stories, themes and ideas that have filled its pages each quarter. The posters are slipped inside each issue, and elements of our final visual are also used as editorial illustration within the magazine itself.

There’s a window of opportunity of three or four days between final copy being submitted and everything going to print, in which time we need to rapidly digest the content and get drawing. The time pressure really helps give each piece some energy though, and the real fun is finding ways to make visual links between stories. Depicting Chilean miners emerging from the mouth of a hippo, or the Facebook logo as a dinosaur with a voracious appetite for people’s personal information, are not things you get to draw everyday.


Hello, World!