We believe in the power of pictures to solve problems and unlock great ideas. Bringing to the table years of experience in scribing, graphic facilitation and creative problem solving, we design and deliver bespoke, creative, collaborative workshops in our dedicated studio space: The Inktank. Here, teams can immerse themselves in an environment and a process guaranteed to inspire creativity and supercharge their thinking, working and communication. 

We arrived at the studio with a spark, but our fires were lit and burning fiercely after a day with the team. There is little that has generated so much energy and engagement. The creative experience and professionalism is heartwarming.
— John Fitzpatrick, Head of Digital at Civil Service Learning

By introducing you to the tools we, as visual thinkers and creative collaborators, use every day, a workshop at The Inktank provides a fast, effective and fun way for groups to find valuable new perspectives on the challenges they face, whatever they may be.

The Inktank is the perfect away-day destination for teams looking to generate ideas, refine plans, perfect pitches, clarify strategies, define goals and so much more. Just let us know what you need to achieve, and we'll design the perfect workshop to get the job done.

The Inktank offers: 

  • An away-day in an environment designed to support innovative thinking
  • An accelerated idea-generation process
  • A means of aligning a team quickly to tackle a challenge together
  • An innovative process for clarifying complexity and communicating it simply


Working with the Scriberia team was a pleasure. They stimulated debate amongst us but were equally adept at collecting and capturing our thoughts in a manner that was both cathartic and productive. As an output they translated detailed industry specific narrative into key clear messages and a visual storyline that engaged our client in a manner that otherwise couldn’t have been achieved.
— Jamie Hillier, Pre Construction Director, Major Projects, Kier Construction