Digging deep for clarity


All over the world, through its research work and advice to governments, businesses and agencies, the IIED (International Institute for Environment and Development) seeks to influence decision making for the better. Backed up by a wealth of on-the-ground knowledge, they are experts in the delicate art of building bridges between big organisations and the communities their actions affect. The ultimate aim is for a fairer and more sustainable world and that’s exactly the kind of mission we like to help with if we can.

When their attention turned to mining, a sector made up of complex network of participants, they came to us to help them map out the relationships and interests involved. From artisan labourers to multinational companies, and from local decision makers to international governments, we worked with IIED to create a clear and engaging overview of the world of mining. With greater understanding and clarity, we hope, comes better, more considerate decision-making. Hopefully, through the power of pictures, we’ve played a part in making that happen.