Green light for a cleaner economy

Green Economy scribing graphic facilitation live drawing


When an issue is of critical importance to the future of the planet, why are so few people talking about it? That was the question at the heart of proceedings when the Green Economy Coalition got together for its largest ever annual meeting. The GEC co-ordinates companies, NGOs, industry and lobbying groups with the common aim of moving from a brown, fossil-fuel based economy, to a green economy that is sustainable, and takes a responsible approach to the future welfare of the human race and our environment. 

Our scribe, Matt, had a fascinating day, illustrating the ‘roadmap’ of vital economic change to enable us to live within our ecological limits, and to put the green economy at the centre of our public and political agendas, where it belongs. And the GEC were thrilled with the results.

Emily Benson, project manager at the GEC, said: ‘We set Matt the very difficult task of capturing 120 peoples’ views, from around the world, about the transition to a green economy in a live meeting in the City of London. 

‘But due to his grasp of the topics under discussion, and the artistic flair he brought to complex issues, by the end of the day he had depicted the story of transition in lively and memorable images. 

‘The picture was the talk of the meeting and helped to bring coherence, imagination and vision to the meeting. Thank you so much from all of us here at the Green Economy Coalition.’