Scriberia were delighted to be invited to sponsor the inaugural If Conference, two days of talks by an impressive line-up leading thinkers from a variety of fields, contemplating life in the future from their own unique perspective. 

Organised by our friends Intelligence Squared and held at the Royal Geographic Society, our sponsorship took the form of lots and lots of drawing. During the event itself, the Scriberian team sat in the lovely Ondaatje Theatre drawing quick cartoons of the choicest soundbites, and tweeting them out under the conference hashtag.

With a mixture of dread and excitement, we left the conference anticipating a future of lab-grown meat, extreme longevity, airport cities and passionate encounters with celebrities downloaded direct to the brain.

In the weeks that followed, we worked on producing visuals for all 36 talks, taking the principles of live scribing but allowing ourselves a little more time and space for expression. It was fantastic to see such a range of styles and approaches gathered under the Scriberian flag(!?) and testament to the diverse talents of the team we’ve been carefully developing.