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How far in advance do I need to book? 
If you think you’ve got a job for us, get in touch. The sooner we know about it, the more likely it is we can help you. But we always do our best to accommodate every request, even last minute ones. 

What are your rates? 
Our rates are dependent on your requirements, so please call us or send us an email to let us know what we can do for you. If you’re unsure which of our services best suits your needs, we can explain your options and help you decide. Our rates are exclusive of travel and accommodation expenses. 

Which countries and languages do you work in?
We travel the world doing what we do. We are based in London but nowhere is off-limits. We’ve attended all sorts of events across Europe, America and further afield.Our team includes native German, French, Portuguese and Italian speakers, and we’ve scribed events in other languages with the help of translators. 

Is my event “scribeable”? 
Huge conferences, small private meetings, keynote speeches, round table discussions – in our experience, there’s no such thing as an “unscribeable” event. We’ve worked all over the world in all sorts of situations, and we’re always open to trying something new. We’re flexible, adaptable and accommodating. So get in touch and tell us what you’re planning. We can talk you through the options and help you get the most from your Scriberia experience.

What do you need to scribe an event? 
We’re pretty low maintenance. We need somewhere to draw – that can either be a large, blank, prominent wall to hang paper on, or an area big enough to put a 3x2 metre board (which is available for hire) – and something to eat and drink, and that’s about it. 

If you come to my event, how will you know what we’re talking about? You’re not experts in my field. 
You’re right, we’re not experts on internet privacy issues, renewable energy or protecting endangered species, but those are just a few of the huge variety of subjects we’ve tackled in the past. We don’t need to know everything about what you do. In fact, we find that helps us to help you see the bigger picture. You might need to talk us through any technical terms in advance. But once you’ve done that, just let us listen and show you what we’re hearing. 

If I want you to capture my event, what is the process? 
Your first step is to get in touch and tell us about your event. Think about whether you want us ‘front and centre’, adding a sense of theatre to the proceedings. Or maybe you’d like us to work with smaller groups, or in a break-out area where your attendees can peruse the details of our capture over a cup of tea and a biscuit. 

You may also want to consider what you want to do with the images we create. You could send them out in a post-event mailshot to cement ideas and sustain momentum. You could use them in brochures, on your website, or in future presentations. There are so many ways to get added value from the work we do for you. We’re happy to talk you through them all. 

We can help you establish what will work best, how many members of our team you’ll need, how long it’ll take and how much it will cost.

I’d like to commission an animation. What is the process? 
It’s simple. Some clients come to us with a piece of audio to animate, but if you’ve got nothing but an idea for us to work with, that’s fine too. We’ll help you to clarify your ideas and decide on the tone and style of animation that best suits your project. We can even team you up with a professional scriptwriter to hone your message and create the perfect script, and arrange voiceover recording. Then we’ll storyboard our ideas for you and, when you’re happy that we’re ticking all the boxes, we’ll get to work on creating your animation. 
As usual, costs are dependent on your specific requirements. 

Do you offer training? 
We don’t offer training in the art of scribing but, if you think you’ve got potential, you might like to do our try-out. We always have our eyes open for new talent, and we work hard with our scribes to develop their skills and help them exceed our clients’ high expectations. We do offer visual thinking workshops, through our academy. These are designed to demonstrate the power of visual thinking and its possibilities in the corporate environment. If you’d like to know more visit the Scriberia Academy.

Can you guarantee confidentiality of information? 
We understand that, in our role as scribes, we’re often privy to sensitive information. Although we sometimes publish examples of our work on our website, we never do so without permission and always take great care to obscure any sensitive details. For full details, please refer to our terms and conditions.