Clarice in Paris

EMC scriberia scribing graphic facilitation live drawing


The technology sector comes up short where numbers of and opportunities for women are concerned. Many companies talk the talk when it comes to ensuring equal opportunities in their ranks, but EMC is truly committed when it comes to walking the walk.

So, it was with great enthusiasm that our scribe, Clarice, stepped off the train at the Gare Du Nord, pens in hand, and headed for a working dinner for the EMC Women’s Leadership Forum. The agenda was packed with issues critical to strengthening their efforts to advocate career advancement and development opportunities for women within their organisation. And for Clarice, it was a dream job.

‘It’s always a joy to scribe at an event who's subject matter is very close to the heart. I find my best work emerges when I can really get involved in what's being discussed,’ she says. ‘It was a with great pleasure that I attended and scribed a meeting of EMC's Women's Leadership Forum, a group of trailblazing women, meeting to discuss the creation of solid and practical solutions and policies to strengthen the female role within the industry.

‘I left the meeting feeling inspired and full of hope that, thanks to the dedicated work of women like these, the topic of equal opportunities will soon be a hot one amongst leadership in all industries and sectors and, ultimately, the world over.’